The Origin collection draws its inspiration from the design industry. Within this collection you will find our two unconditional models Sense II and Sense V that will fit any traditional or contemporary environment.
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The custom-made allows you to create your own design by adding your personal touch to our two unconditional moment models Sense II and Sense V. Contact us for more information.
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Limited editions are regularly designed following the fashion trends of the moment. Contact us for more information.
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All of our raw materials are sourced in Europe. The glass is blown in Germany, known for its outstanding glass artisans. The wood is from local Swiss craftsmen and reworked in Geneva, as is our stainless steel. The rare and precious leather is sourced in Italy. All of the packaging is designed in Switzerland. Our products respect Swiss Standards.
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LAS Design humidors are based on the same concept, a glass unit to house your cigar and a flask where you pour the liquid of your choice to mature your cigar.
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